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Heatsafe™ Air Mesh Dog Cooling Vest

Heatsafe™ Air Mesh Dog Cooling Vest

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The Woofsters Heatsafe™ Cooling Vest is designed to keep your dog cool in hot weather - simply soak it in cold water or under a running tap, wring off the excess water and fasten around your dog.

The Cooling Vest is ultra absorbent with terry cloth coats locking in as much cool water as possible. You'll find the vest is ideal for walking, play sessions, training and dog shows even when the its really hot outside.

The air mesh fabric provides a natural evaporative cooling system to cool your dog and keep him/her comfortable. It works by cooling your dog's heart and lungs which in turn cools the blood temperature around the body. So on a hot summers day when you are out playing with your dog you can reduce the chance of you dog overheating.

An ideal fit is a snug fit so that the cool texture of the Cooling Vest can touch your dog's skin.

Features snap clasp buckles on each side of the jacket making it easier to take on and off your dog.

The bright orange colour provides high visibility in poor light conditions too.

Sizing: S M L XL XXL - use the sizing guide below to find correct fit


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