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Hands Free Reflective Dog Leash For Running/Walking

Hands Free Reflective Dog Leash For Running/Walking

$19.95 $24.95 Save $5

Don't have the time you used to have for running now that you have a dog? We know the feeling. So why not incorporate your pooch into your running, walking or hiking regime with this hands-free leash.

Our leash has a flexible bungee that works as a SHOCK ABSORBER which absorbs the force of extension from strong pulling dogs.

COMFORTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE WAISTBAND - The waistband can EASILY be ADJUSTED to to fit your waist up to 48 inches. Just move the Adjuster to get more or less fabric as needed. If you have more than one person using the leash they can each adjust it accordingly.

It's strong, durable and weather resistant so should last you years, if looked after.

The bungee can be positioned with the handle closer to the pet or closer to the owner. Keeping the handle closer to the owner allows you to have more control of your pet when needed.

Material: Polyester
Color: Green, Rose, Yellow
Sizes: medium and large only


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