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Orthopedic Dog Bed (under 50kg dogs)

Orthopedic Dog Bed (under 50kg dogs)

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Why Memory Foam?

is the ultimate pressure-relieving material. A breakthrough in sleep technology that will forever change the way your beloved dog sleeps. The revolutionary material began with NASA developing memory foam to relieve the tremendous g-forces experienced by astronauts during re-entry.

The orthopedic memory foam in our orthopedic dog bed reacts to your Buddy's body temperature and weight to conform exactly to every curve and angle. By reacting to a very specific range of temperatures, the memory foam becomes soft where you want it -- and firm where you need it. Supporting your Buddy's body in perfect alignment!



That is why Buddy Beds is the only real orthopedic memory foam dog bed!

Why Does Memory Foam Work?

Hospitals and burn units for YEARS have used memory foam for us humans. For humans, pressure points create bed sores. So just think what those painful pressure points are doing to your beloved Buddy!

It is like a push and shove match. In dog beds with traditional materials, the dog's hips, elbows, shoulders are pushing down on the dog bed, and the bed is shoving back equally as hard creating a pressure point that cuts off circulation. These pressure points build up, and that is why people and pets toss and turn to get away from the pressure build up. But even, with turning over, the pressure points soon build up again.

Buddy Beds memory foam dog beds molds and contours to your dog's body, relieving those painful pressure points which cut off circulation. That's what makes Buddy Beds the ultimate memory foam dog bed!

More Support       Greater Pressure Relief       Unsurpassed Durability

Did You Know?

    • Your Buddy makes 30% more body contact with a memory foam dog bed

  • Memory foam reduces tossing and turning by 90%.

    (The reason we change positions is to get comfortable. If the memory foam is molding and contouring to your body you are always comfortable and there is no need to change positions. Wow - that is HUGE!)


Why It Is So Important to Start YOUNG Dogs On a Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed!

Don't forget our younger dogs too, our memory foam dog bed provides excellent preventative care.

A good supportive dog bed helps in the aging of the joints. And as we all know, our dogs age faster than humans - since 1 human year equals 7 dog years.

Don't wait till they are suffering from arthritis and joint issues. . . start them early!

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Start Young Dogs Early on an Orthopedic Dog Bed!

Could Your Older Dog Benefit from the Orthopedic Benefits of Memory Foam Dog Bed?

Buddy Beds memory foam dog beds have improved the quality of life for older dogs and cats with:

Hip or elbow dysplasia
Canine arthritis
Joint problems
Large breeds
Older dogs


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