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Sunsafe UV Pooch Protector Suit

Sunsafe UV Pooch Protector Suit


We all know how important sun protection is for humans, but have you ever thought about the fact that dogs can get sun burn too?

Well, they can and you need to take active steps to protect your doggy pals during the hotter months and keep them out of the sun.

Hairless dogs, as well as white and light-haired dogs are particularly susceptible as are dogs who have just had their coat clipped.

You can't use sun screen designed for humans on your pets either as some of the contents can be toxic and even doggy sun-cream can produce allergic reactions, so a protective sun suit like the Sunsafe UV Pooch Protector Suit is the best option.

We also offer a range of Sunsafe UV Protection Sunglasses for dogs too.


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